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Ladies and Gentlemen of NewGrounds

2007-07-23 14:23:57 by alphaforce

there are a lot of "complaints" that my audio is stolen, non of these are true I take audio from other people and change it, that is not against the rules. If i do not do this then i get it off my friend who does not have access to the internet, and then put it on the W.W.W if anybody says that I have stolen audio from now on I will
1. direct them to this post
2. send them multiple PM's on how much of a FAG they are

Thankyou for reading

alphaforce a.k.a JBails

p.s. the pic is of someone that says my audio is stolen

Ladies and Gentlemen of NewGrounds


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2007-08-21 22:54:45

Do you take audio from people who know you are taking it and changing it?

If not, then that is against copyright laws, and is punishable by criminal charges. Namely theft of intellectual property.


2007-09-20 19:15:52

Yo. just askin if a friend of mine can use your music for somethin. Lemme know on my comment board and il let him know. thx

alphaforce responds:

which music...yeah he can there is a comment on your board


2007-11-19 14:59:36

I really like your music and all your doing is making it sound better so your doing the world a favor!

alphaforce responds:

thanks mate i appriciate it