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2009-08-04 16:57:57 by alphaforce

ScienceOfThePS3 has brought it to my attention that all of the audio on my channel was stolen, I dint know this (my freinds all use my account) and ive now delted everything except the MGS Acoustic, which is in use for a flash game. Id like to thank SOTPS3 for telling me this and giving me the chance to right all my friends wrongs.


sorry but...

2008-01-23 14:01:52 by alphaforce

im sorry to tell you that I will not be posting any more audio for a very long time as I have started GCSE's and I am sure life will catch up with me sooner or later

Ladies and Gentlemen of NewGrounds

2007-07-23 14:23:57 by alphaforce

there are a lot of "complaints" that my audio is stolen, non of these are true I take audio from other people and change it, that is not against the rules. If i do not do this then i get it off my friend who does not have access to the internet, and then put it on the W.W.W if anybody says that I have stolen audio from now on I will
1. direct them to this post
2. send them multiple PM's on how much of a FAG they are

Thankyou for reading

alphaforce a.k.a JBails

p.s. the pic is of someone that says my audio is stolen

Ladies and Gentlemen of NewGrounds